Marble/marble XXV!

Due to my aggressive summer / fall carving schedule, I’m running a bit behind with my blog posts.

My first trip was out to Colorado last July (just before the deluge began – actually, there were a few down pours while Iwas there.  It got much worse after I left).

Here are images (front / back) of the what I started working on out there…

Front2Iso  BackIso

I was able to get this back into my studio and work on it a bit, but my next adventure interrupted my work.

After Marble, CO I was finally able to get up to the CSSC in West Ruland, VT to attend a workshop on portrait carving which was taught by Steve Shaheen.

The course objective was for each of the students to carve their own face in marble.  To accomplish this, we first had to make alginate molds and then make plaster casts from those molds.  The entire first day was spent getting this done as well as setting up both boards for pointing up using compasses.  I learned a great deal, but was not able to completely finish (another project perhaps for this winter). This is an image of my current progress.


Next on the agenda was transport and installation of one of my larger pieces on the campus of Bridgewater State University.  I used an aluminum ladder and a small chain hoist to get the stone in place on top of the 3′ steel base.

image001 IMG_2258

Time to move on, my next post is about my latest adventure..

@Andre’s Institute of Art – Symposium:  Introspection

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