Work Progresses…

As promised, here’s a status on my latest project.  I’m up near Brookline, NH working as one of four invited artists.  We’re creating monumental works carved using the local granite.

This is my progress after the first few days of work..


The other artists are:

Florin Strejac from Romania (seen here, flaming the surface of one of his component pieces using a torch designed by director John Weidman).


Jocelyn Pratt from New Zealand (see here, disrespectfully – standing on her unfinished stone).


And, Helgi Gislason from Iceland (he’s usually running around wearing his special respirator that makes him look like an astronaut, but I caught him in this photo behind Jocelyn without it).


I feel honored to have been included with these fine artists in this year’s symposium.  It has been a great experience.

We’re all excited (and a little worried) about completing our tasks and getting everything installed by next Sunday – October 6 at Andre’s Institute of Art.  Please join us from 3:00 – 6:00 PM for the closing ceremony and dedications.


The intern for this year’s symposium is Jim Larson from Hopkinton, NH (picture here in the background – and endlessly repairing / driving the heavy equipment).


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