Wow, I have been meaning to get several new posts out, but keep finding other things needing my attention.  I have been working mostly, but I also took a trip to Florida right after the holidays (I had the job of driver and chef for two of my college breaking daughters).

After we were down there for a few days, we were looking around for something to do other than lay around at the pool / beach.  We ended up ‘discovering’ a sculptor that lived in the West Palm Beach area.  Her name was Ann Weaver Norton and she produced sculpture in wood, stone and bronze during her 40+ year career.

You can check out images of the sculpture garden she created for her residence here: Ann Norton Sclulpture Garden

“Meanwhile, back at the ranch…”

Once we returned, I was able to get started on several new pieces of stone and even finish one small form that I had sitting around.  I delivered, “Top Heavy” along with “Pirouette” to the Walsingham Gallery up in Newburyport, MA (after grabbing these images).

pirouette-frontTop Heavy


I am very excited to finish one of my new pieces in particular.  I was able to split off a couple of slivers of this Guatemalan (Verde) before carving the main block – still weighs around 300 pounds.  Gorgeous stone to work with and fantastic dark green with white veining – thank you Myles Schacter!  These images aren’t really ready for prime time, but I couldn’t resist…


February (and beyond..)

I didn’t anticipate beginning to explore metal sculpture until next fall, but I ended up enrolling in a semester long class.   The course is named, ‘Foundry Process in Sculpture’ with the Mass College of Art continuing education department.  We meet once a week for 3 1/2 hours and have been working with oil clay to create reliefs on masonite blanks for the last few weeks.  Next Monday night will be our first run at ramming sand molds and then filling them with bronze and/or aluminum.  Hopefully, I will be able to get some images of that event posted shortly.

You can see the course description here: Foundry Process in Sculpture

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