Of course.. I would love to meet you in Paris

Just about a month ago, I visited Paris.  My wife had to make a business trip and invited me to join her part way through for a few days.  Obviously, I jumped at the chance.

Interestingly, I did not even venture inside La Louvre.  Having attempted to see the entire Smithsonian in a couple of days – I decided that it would just be overload to try that.  So, instead I made a plan to visit the Brancusi studio / museum.


The pictures I managed to get there weren’t that great, but the museum has a great 360 degree view on their site:


I found a couple pieces of his work a few days later, when I returned to the Centre De Pompidou.


I was really there to see a collection of Jean Arp sculptures.  This is the largest group of his work that I have seen.


In between those two trips, my plan was to take in the Rodin Museum as well.  We did that after arriving too late one afternoon – we returned the next morning (the only sunny day or our mini vacation) and toured the exhibit, garden and museum itself.

Not too bad for a four day trip!


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