They Won’t Be Calling Me Dusty Anymore!

I just finished making a much needed upgrade to my studio work area.

IMG_2091Although the latest Oneida dust collection unit was way outside my price range, I discovered that a much lower cost solution was within reach.  Over the past few years, I’ve diligently made changes (e.g. lighting solution) but, keeping up with dust mitigation was a losing battle.


This is a closer view of the filter system that allowed me to remove the internal filter completely.  The rest of the internal mechanism stays put which allows the vortex air flow to really do its work.  I was having to take the motor off the top to remove / clean out the internal filter frequently – which was a pain.  Plus, the efficiency of the collector diminished slowly after each cleaning as the dust cake built up within the filter

Oneida has moved the filters outside all of their newer systems and the result is at least a 5 times improvement.  I can now use my most aggressive grinding wheels and direct nearly all of the particulate into my 1/2 horse power unit.  The bucket under the filter doesn’t need to emptied very frequently.  Now, all I need to do is figure out an easy way to empty the metal trash can under the unit…


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