Here’s to 2016!

This probably won’t last long, but I’m going to make an effort (let’s not get all crazy with the whole resolution thing..) to post more articles this year.

I’ve got a couple ready from last fall. The first is a memorial to a fellow artist that I barely knew. I helped complete one of his last works. His name was Piero Resta (1940 – 2015) and he was a past participant at AIA (2006).

Here’s a of shot of me helping Piero during the fall of 2014 to finish his sculpture for Paul Andres (hint: you can’t see my face).


My task was to find and carve a block that would attach to his base and provided a level mounting surface. I worked on this off and on beginning in the fall of 2014 until the start of the 2015 symposium.

This is what my block looked like after snaking it out of the grout pile at the bottom of the mountain and hauling it up to the studio with their Ford 555 (with help from AIA director, John Weidman’s help). This image is just after I drilled and split off my first few big chunks.


This next series shows the progress from initial blocking to final refinement and attachment to Piero’s stone. I made a wooden template (I don’t seem to have gotten any images of that) based on my wire frame and measurements I took off of his piece.

Some of the refining process, dry fit, drilling and final connection..

After that, I assisted with the permanent installation of the piece – Equinox Muse at the top of the mountain (overlooking the town of Brookline, NH).

Unfortunately, Piero never got to see the final alignment of Equinox Muse, but we did that precisely to the orientation he requested (220 degrees, SW on the compass).

Mahalo Piero e buoni viaggi

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