Working for a living

Wow, I didn’t realize that I looked so tired..

I just started my second piece today.  My plan is to just rough out both of them (and, perhaps a third) before I leave to mitigate the shipping costs.  I’ll probably throw some raw stone into my crate as well to get closer to the minimum weight.

The piece on the left is the one I [false] started once and have been working on since I arrived.  It was a very nice block of Italian statuario – my first.  I had to swap out the first block it turned to be cooked after I spent about four hours working on it the first day.  I’m very happy with how the form is coming along so far and will get more off as time goes on – then finishing back at HSS in Medford, MA.

The one on my right is a form that I’ve already carved once in Limestone, but the studio had a block of Portuguese pink marble that was made for my model.  Plus, I wanted to make some modifications and there is plenty of stone for that.  I also have some new ideas for texturing / finishing that I couldn’t do with limestone.  Hopefully, that all works out once everything gets back to Boston.

More to come…

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