Flame On!


I am happy to report that the Mass Art Foundry is back online.  There are still a few bugs to work out, but for the most part it was an enormous success.  I did lose a couple of pieces to stress cracks, but they weren’t total losses thanks to Mr. Gabbard.  We are going to try those again in a two weeks during the next pour.

In all of the excitement I ended up on the working end of the aluminum crucible.  After my 10 second training session I was terrified but diligently pouring from the crucible into small [test] cups held by Zach’s TAs.  Unfortunately, with all of the activity (including accidentally spilling a small amount of hot metal onto the glove of one of my instructors) – I did not get any shots of the action.

So, I have included some new images from the Hillside Sculpture Studios bronze pour earlier in the day.DSC00281


Two pours in one day!  Amazing!  I have to say that HSS was a bit more organized, but Mass Art had all the flash – the new kiln and both the bronze and aluminum furnaces running full tilt.  Glorious!


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