M/m – XX!

Wow, even though I was only able to attend one session of the Marble/marble Symposium this year – I had more fun than ever! Perhaps I was really ready to take a pause and just sink into the whole artistic glow.

I camped out for a couple of days in Marble this year, which I have not done before. I have rented a cabin every other year from Glen Burnett. Glen is retired, but used to work at the quarry. I believe he told me that he is a welder by trade.

Anyway, it might have been the sleeping in a tent or the fact that I shared the cabin (once I moved in) with a couple of fellow carvers. Whatever the cause the result was that things seemed to just flow and fall into place. I ended up leaving a couple of days early to deal with some car trouble that developed in the middle of my stay, but I still managed to get my latest piece blocked out and ready for finishing.


 This was the twentieth anniversary of Marble/marble.  I am really glad I was a part of it.

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