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Carving site

I still can’t believe that it was just a couple of months after I started carving a small (180 lb) block of alabaster that I found myself attending my first symposium. It was a bit overwhelming at first – picking out a carving site and getting everything set up, selecting a block of marble and checking into the cabin where I would stay.Glenn’s cabin

But, that was just the beginning. There was going to be a lot of other new things happening…

Where it all comes from –

Yule Quarry YardQuarry EntranceInside the quarry

Where some of it goes –

Truck load of marbleFront loader

A few of the people –

Chet Dr. DustLaura Lee

Ron Broome RyoichiMyles Schachter

Since I had used hand tools (i.e. hammer, chisels & files / rifflers), I did not know anything about any of the power tools that are available and essential to modern day carving. Hand tools are fine for some of the softer stones and still possible to use on marble and granite. But, it would take months / years accomplish what we did in a few days.

There were optional workshops everyday. Some on proper tool use / maintenance, some on technique (such as texturing) and others were inspirational / demonstration.

What an amazing experience! To be among like minded humans in such an amazing setting. After nine days, I drove back home with a huge smile on my face and a sense of calm quietness that was difficult to get my head around.

I did know one thing for certain – I would be going back.

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