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The following images and text are from several years ago (2006 – 2008) when I was renting studio space from owner, Madeline Wiener at the Purple Door Studios in Denver, CO.

The Purple Door still exists, but is a much smaller space today and they no longer have a web site URL….

Madeline Wiener commission

A couple of weeks ago, I volunteered to help out with one of Madeline’s latest commissions for a bench people project. Next thing I knew I was standing behind a hydraulic, water cooled, power plant driven – chain saw with diamond impregnated nickel teeth. An awesome machine that was obviously up to the task of blocking out the nearly 4 tons of dolomitic limestone that was delivered to the studio a few weeks ago.

Now that the piece is blocked out, things should start to move pretty quickly. I will update this page as the project progresses…
In the mean time, here are a few other shots of people and activities around the shop.

Madeline with the sawJosh’s spaceRyszard

SteveRavinderStudio Gallery

Finally! As promised, here are more shots of the chain<saw> gang…

Madeline and chainsaw frontMadline and saw plunge cut

I helped a little – Spitz with a horizontal cut

Madeline has also been sneaking in and getting in a little grinder action too. At this point, it is easiest to just sit on top of the block to shape / reduce their heads.

The bench begins to take form…BenchBench

I had really hoped to get a few more images as the work progressed, but I got a little busier than I thought I would be. Plus, Madeline got busy – and finished her piece. It is called, Friends and has been installed. It now sits on the corner of East Colfax and Dallas streets in downtown Aurora, CO. It is located at the base of a giant blue chair that is a slightly closer to Colfax.

©2008 The Purple Door Studios


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